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We turn your question marks into periods.

|Point AB Consulting provides Marketing & Finance solutions for StartUps, Small and Medium sized businesses|

Why We Exist



We believe that all companies regardless of size should operate at their highest capacity.

How we work



Our team ingrains itself into your business practice. We extract relevant business insights for planning and strategic development.

What we do



Point AB provides solutions within the marketing and finance disciplines designed to drive revenue for your company.

Marketing Solutions

Identify customer base – get them to buy.

Finance Solutions

Design stealth projections – balance books.

Marketing Solutions

The Plan|The Plan|The Plan

A significant number of business launch without a plan, and as a result get unnecessarily battered and bruised as they launch or try to expand. Our Strategic Planning service works with you to develop a comprehensive plan.

Our Services:

  • Marketing audit|identify what works for you and what doesn’t
  • Primary|secondary research
  • Marketing plan creation|revision
  • Investor presentations
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business plan creation

On Brand|On Target

We work with you to create branding that has high resonance with your target. To often ‘brand messages’ gets lost in translation – we design branding seen through the lens of the end-user||the customer||. We help your brand speak the same language your customers speak.

Our Services:

  • Establish core offering|benefit
  • Brand positioning|attributes|mapping
  • Mission|Vision statement
  • Brand segmentation


Point AB ingrains itself in the social aspects of your campaign. Through the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram we find your audience, seed your message, and keep the conversation going! We listen to what your customers are saying, steer the conversation, monitor your social presence and keep your brand engaged.

Our Services:

  • Campaign design|strategy
  • Content creation|story line development
  • Content calendar deployment
  • Content syndication
  • Real time campaign monitoring
  • Provide optimization recommendations|updates

Small Data|Big Data|All Data

Point A-B utilizes data on consumer behavior to better educate your team on campaign performance. It is estimated that 90% of all the “data” in existence today was generate in the last few years. We harness real-data to make real-smart-decisions.

Our Services:

  • Google analytics. web traffic|geo traffic|user intel
  • Social analytics. likes|follows|shares
  • Email marketing analytics. opens|clicks|replies
  • Sentiment analysis.


Read all about it|Watch all about it

We build national|local awareness, launch key partnerships and build a critical mass of exposure. Whether your objective is to launch a new|existing product or attract investors our team has well established chops|25+| years to get your company the right press.

Our Services:

  • PR Strategy development. digital|traditional
  • Development of press materials
  • Press target list development
  • Story pitching
  • Develop talking points for Founders as well as briefing memos for interviews.


In this day and age it is imperative to have a strong visual web presence for your customers to explore your offering. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company – the narrative of your website should evolke emotion and drive action.

Our Services:

  • Design scoping
  • Wire frame development
  • Site development
  • Mobile|web application development
  • Site|app Maintenance
  • Infographics

Finance Solutions

Who|Where|Why|How Much

Meeting the need for Accounting makes Cash Flow Management and Financing efficient by tracking historical costs and predicting future expenses. At Point A-B, we provide support and guidance in the following accounting areas to help you better manage your business and resources.

Our Services:

  • Audit Preparation
  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Chart of Accounts Revision
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Year-end Close Out and Preparation for Tax Filing
  • Cash Management
  • Payroll, A/P, A/R
  • QuickBooks Training

Show me the |money|

Meeting the immediate needs of Cash Flow Management produces greater, more consistent cash flow across the short term. Said plainly, “Can your company meet its current financial obligations and continue to offer and/or develop a superior product”

Our Services:

  • Cash Consolidation
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Cash Flow Opportunities
  •  Cash Flow Trend Analysis

Mitigate Risk[s]

Meeting the need for Risk Management strengthens an organization’s assets by protecting them from loss and, therefore, reduces the degree of uncertainty in future cash flow. Point AB, will guide your start-up through our 5 step risk assessment process.

Our Process:

  • First| identify risks
  • Second| determine your company’s vulnerability for each risk
  • Third| prepare contingency plans
  • Fourth| acquire the right types of insurance
  • Fifth| monitor and adapt as needed


Meeting the need for appropriate Financing allows the value of increased cash flow to build over much longer periods by funding periodic (i.e., inventory or seasonal cycles) or strategic (i.e., capital equipment or acquisitions) expenditures. In addition to preparing your company for traditional method of financing, Point A-B will offer recommendations for alternative funding and assist with developing pro forma financial statements and presentation to present to bank, venture capitalist and angel investors.

Our Services:

  • Pricing Strategy that is attractive to you and you investors
  • Pro Forma Financial Statements to help strategize for the short- term and long term horizons
  • Easy to read financial models for banks, potential investors and leadership within your organization
  • Financial Targets to grow your business

Our Packages

|You pick and we serve|

Our packages are designed to take into account your priorities and budget. We only ask that you complete our complementary business audit to determine the level of services needs. Our pricing is determined based on hourly estimates for selected services.

StartUp Package

StartUp packages are designed for new marketplace entrants with limited resources in the form of capital|staff.

0-300K Annual Revenue

Small Package

Small company packages are designed for companies that have small staffs and lean operations.

300K-3MM Annual Revenue

Medium Package

Medium company packages are designed for companies that larger|more developed operations.

3MM-15MM Annual Revenue

Let us get you from Point A to B.

If you have questions about the services your company needs we would be happy to provide a complementary audit. Please contact us.

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