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RainbowMe Kids TV

*Point AB Exited RainbowMe – 12/2015 Founder: Kya Johnson Type of Business: Children’s Entertainment Headquarters: North Carolina RainbowMe is an online Entertainment & Education platform that consists of children’s (2-12) content that features Black, Asian, Indian and Hispanic kids as the main characters.

Life On Autopilot

Founder(s): Christopher Tuning, Arah Graham, Talib Graves-Manns Type of Business: Lifestyle Luggage Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Why We Exist: LOA concepts inspire and equip people to be their authentic selves as they traverse the world, both physically & mentally.

How We Create: Through product innovation and active engagement with our consumer, we create custom crafted products to enhance & simplify life.

What We Deliver: We provide stylish solutions to the unique challenges of an increasingly global cultural ecosystem.


Jacqui Graves Realty

Founder(s): Jacqui Graves, Talib Graves-Manns Type of Business: Residential & Commercial Real Estate Sales Headquarters: North Carolina Jacqui Graves Realty is the premier real estate company assisting clients with purchasing, selling, and investing in properties throughout the Triad and Carolinas. With over 20 years of experience, Jacqui and her team pride themselves on delivering unparralled service, dedication and guidance throughout all real estate transactions.

Words Liive

Founder: Gil Perkins (Aka Sage Salvo) Type of Business: English & Literacy Learning Platform Headquarters: Washington, DC Words Liive is an education services company that developed Contemporary Language Integration, (CLI). CLI is a new approach to literacy that evaluates contemporary languages such as:

  • 1) The Lyrics of Urban Music
  • 2) Code/ Computer Programming Languages
  • 3) Social Media lingo
  • 4) Text message language

Our systemic process integrates these contemporary languages into traditional classroom literature such as novels, speeches, essays, plays, and poems for enhanced literacy.


ARS Media

Founder: Alvin Singh Type of Business: Global Consulting Services Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa

ARS Digital Media is a specialized unit of strategists, social media marketers, developers and designers. We plan, collaborate and manage fully integrated marketing campaigns with real-time audience engagement.



Rocker Refined

Founder: Carla James Type of Business: Designer Furniture Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA Rocking chairs and gliders in today’s market are notoriously boring, ubiquitous shapes with forgettable fabrics that can be best described as blah. You design a gorgeous nursery or sitting room, and then you have to mask the humdrum chair with a throw pillow or a well-folded blanket placed over the arm.  Not anymore.

Black Wall Street North Carolina

Founder(s): Talib Graves-Manns, Jesica Averhart, Tobias Rose, Dee McDougal Type of Business: Non-Profit Headquarters: Durham, NC. Three-day event series in Downtown Durham — Panels, lectures, and networking opportunities for professionals, students, start-ups, venture capitalists, local business owners/investors. 2015 Boasted $100MM in VC, 400 Guest, and 7 Community Based Business Pitches.

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