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 Integral in the upward mobility of an ecosystem is the creation of a groundswell of resources across business education, business finance, and as access to capital.



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Knox St. Studios is a state of the art learning + innovation studio for the underserved community of business professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and students to gain the requisite skills needed for the rapidly evolving national & international career and venture marketplace. 

Created to inspire, connect, encourage and support students and entrepreneurs, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center provides existing and aspiring business owners in Southeast Raleigh and beyond with space to think and meet – a place to nurture and develop their ideas into growing companies. Members can find resources to finance their ventures and build skills necessary to support a growing business. The IEC is a partnership between Shaw University and Carolina Small Business Development Fund. [1/2017 - 6/2018]

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Black Wall Street Homecoming is an annual networking conference for early-stage entrepreneurs, focused on the intersection of content, connections and culture. Celebrate and learn from diverse, multicultural entrepreneurs, their investors and the community that supports them.

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