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Meeting the need for Accounting makes Cash Flow Management and Financing efficient by tracking historical costs and predicting future expenses. At Point A-B, we provide support and guidance in the following accounting areas to help you better manage your business and resources.

Cash Flow Management

Meeting the immediate needs of Cash Flow Management produces greater, more consistent cash flow across the short term. Said plainly, “Can your company meet its current financial obligations and continue to offer and/or develop a superior product”

Risk Management

Meeting the need for Risk Management strengthens an organization’s assets by protecting them from loss and, therefore, reduces the degree of uncertainty in future cash flow. Point AB, will guide your start-up through our 5 step risk assessment process.


Meeting the need for appropriate Financing allows the value of increased cash flow to build over much longer periods by funding periodic (i.e., inventory or seasonal cycles) or strategic (i.e., capital equipment or acquisitions) expenditures. In addition to preparing your company for traditional method of financing, Point A-B will offer recommendations for alternative funding and assist with developing pro forma financial statements and presentation to present to bank, venture capitalist and angel investors.



Black Wall Street Homecoming is an annual networking conference for early-stage entrepreneurs, focused on the intersection of content, connections and culture. Celebrate and learn from diverse, multicultural entrepreneurs, their investors and the community that supports them.

  • Accounting

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Risk Management

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